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Our Outreach

We operate a residential group home in Orlando, Florida—St. Francis House. The home can accommodate up to 5 residents.  Our clients are referred to us through a social service agency that verifies these individuals have no means of support and no other place to live.  Residents are required to meet weekly with a social worker.

The house is run by executive director and ordained Orthodox priest Father Daniel. A residential house manager oversees the day-to-day operations.

Father Daniel and staff hold to their belief that questions of faith are personal


and prefer to reveal God's love to their residents by serving them and meeting them at their point of need. The house offers a small, family-like atmosphere for residents who too often have been abandoned by friends and family, and is a much-needed stepping stone.


St. Francis House of Hospitality is currently funded through the City of Orlando at 80 percent of the budgeted annual expenditures. The remaining 20 percent comes from the generous donations we receive.


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